Hair Repair Oil/Hair Treatment Serum


The Hair Repair Oil is now called “Hair Treatment Serum.” The product is exactly the same as its always been.

If you are already using or have thought about using argan oil for hair, you would love this.

The hair repair oil formula is great for damaged hair. Its blend of highly beneficial oils for the hair help to rejuvenate damaged hair. It’s also good for keeping frizz at bay and repairing split ends.

This oil will help to rejuvenate hair from the effects of blow-drying and straightening. It is a life saver for those with coloured hair – especially blues, greens, purples etc which can be very damaging for the hair.

The hair repair formula helps to moisturize and repair the hair and scalp, thus preventing increased hair loss. When used over a period of time – this will give the appearance of more fuller hair.

Argan, Coconut, Macadamia and Cactus. These four oils are each in their own right considered to be highly beneficial oils for the hair. The use of Argan oil for hair is widespread. Coconut has been used in asia as the number one go to oil for hair health. Macadamia is arguably as good as Argan oil is, and delivers a different texture and blend of vitamins. Cactus is a vitamin packed and high strength natural oil.

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Hair Repair Oil/Hair Treatment Serum
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