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Beard Oil

Beard Oil 100ml


Nourishing Beard Oil moisturizes beard hair, hydrates the skin and gives shiny and groomed beard. It works as homemade facial toner for aging skin. Suggested to use for styling and shiny beard hair.

Queen of oil’s Nourishing Beard oil is made of pure argan oil benefits with a fragrance of citrus and fresh woody-spice. The beard oil is non-greasy and absorbent in nature. It is ideal for styling and grooming as well as enhancing the growth of beard hair.

Additionally, it also makes the skin moisturized and healthy. 

 Beard oil benefits healthy skin and also helps to moisturise the beard.

Fix your dusty and untidy beard to neat look using the recommended Queen of Oil Beard Oil. It softens the beard hair, along-with increasing the growth of hair. Furthermore, it cleanses your face and skin and also works for styling.

Our Beard Oil has a tremendous combination of natural oils hence helps the beard growth, body hair growth and is a source of homemade facial toner for aging skin and facial skin health.

Beard Oil should have nutrients with a combination of Natural Oils. It should easily absorb in your skin to nourish your beard hair and make it grow.