Internship Testimonials

Queen of Oil is also known for its amazing Internship opportunities and visionary experiences. We are honoured to provide hands-on work experiences for interns to enlighten themselves with business, management and the daily runnings of an entrepreneur in practical environment.

Here is what our interns say about us through testimonials:

The internship had tremendous visions to deliver, for an intern to perceive the prospects of online business management, marketing, its systematics and comprehend one’s own future goals. I am exceptionally content with my internship at Queen of Oil that fulfilled my expectations to boost my Resume and approach the professional organisation with a distinct career objective.


“My internship at Queen of Oil has given me an opportunity to learn and develop skills through real life experiences, not taught in a classroom. Working in a small firm has given me an insight into different aspects of business and how it functions as a whole. My job role helped me acquire and enhance skills in Market Research, Direct sales, Trade Show Marketing and Booth Design, Online Marketing, SEO and Social Media Marketing. Additionally I was sent for a number of exhibitions and professional development talks which have and will help me in my professional life. My experience at Queen of Oil was enjoyable and enriching.”

Divya Philip

“I enjoyed my internship very much. It was interesting to learn about the different parts of the business. I learned about social media marketing, photo editing, management skills, Amazon and got a good understanding of how Queen of oil does business.

The internship was based around my needs and interests and gave me insights into my career moves.

I would recommend this internship to anyone interested in working in a small company, close with the owner. Tasks can change from day to day, which makes it fun. It’s a great company to work for.”


“I had the opportunity to work as an intern for Queen of Oil during my Masters in Marketing at Brunel University. It has been a great and wholesome experience for me. These four months were like a roller coaster where I learnt a lot from Mr Bedi. He has been a perfect mentor to me, guiding me professionally and personally both. He is quite approachable and will try to understand you as an individual and motivate you to work to your maximum potential. Overall, he has a big heart and is dedicated towards his work for great results.

Work wise, I was handling the social media part of the brand- creating content for instagram and facebook, marketing and reaching out to the target audience. I was also involved in direct sales during Christmas at various seasonal markets. It has helped me become an entrepreneur myself, confident in sales and marketing.

If you are looking to get the right kind of exposure and relevant work experience, this is the best place to work at. I am grateful to Mr Bedi for this experience.”