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Queen of Oil is also known for its amazing Internship opportunities and visionary experiences. We are honoured to provide hands-on work experiences for interns to enlighten themselves with business, management and the daily runnings of an entrepreneur in practical environment.

Here is what our interns say about us through testimonials:

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Nikhil – Internship Winter 2019

“I had the opportunity to work as an intern for Queen of Oil during my Masters in Marketing at Brunel University. It has been a great and wholesome experience for me. These four months were like a roller coaster where I learnt a lot from Mr Bedi. He has been a perfect mentor to me, guiding me professionally and personally both. He is quite approachable and will try to understand you as an individual and motivate you to work to your maximum potential. Overall, he has a big heart and is dedicated towards his work for great results.

Work wise, I was handling the social media part of the brand- creating content for instagram and facebook, marketing and reaching out to the target audience. I was also involved in direct sales during Christmas at various seasonal markets. It has helped me become an entrepreneur myself, confident in sales and marketing.

If you are looking to get the right kind of exposure and relevant work experience, this is the best place to work at. I am grateful to Mr Bedi for this experience.”

1 year on from the Internship (Nikhil is still working alongside Queen Of Oil in 2023)

“The experience that I gained from working with Queen of oil was massively valuable and Simran has continued to support me as a mentor. The skills I learnt from the Internship and from Simran have been put to good use. I have developed myself as a businessman, following on from leaving Queen of oil. I have named the company Orossentials. I have a range of products including Jade rollers, wooden brushes and other organic skincare and hair care. Simran has made me the sole distributor for Queen Of Oil products in India. I remain very good friends with Simran and now also business partners. We have a relationship which is more like family or brothers. After the internship he continued to work with me.”


Zain – Internship Spring 2020

The internship had tremendous visions to deliver, for an intern to perceive the prospects of online business management, marketing, its systematics and comprehend one’s own future goals. I am exceptionally content with my internship at Queen of Oil that fulfilled my expectations to boost my Resume and approach the professional organisation with a distinct career objective.

6 months on from the Internship

“Queen of Oil London has offered me remarkable opportunities to hone my skill set. After the extraordinary experience of internship with Queen of Oil I have been offered the role of Project officer. This has been a tremendous chance of working full-time in a paid capacity with them. The immense platform has expanded my horizon of expertise and helped me up skill in marketing and management strategies along-with the technical abilities. Simran has always been very helpful in providing training that drives me to reach my career goals. I am currently supervising my team in their projects, which is a great platform to learn team-work and effective communication. Grateful for this opportunity to clarify my career objectives and lead me a step closer to a milestone in my professional endeavours.”

A year on (Zain is still working for Queen Of Oil in 2023)

“I have recieved an updated pay offer, promotion and pay increase and am continuing to work for Queen Of Oil.
It provides amazing opportunities to have diverse experiences and I’m still learning new skills. I have been able to perform website maintenance, social media marketing and project management. I have also got the chance to enhance my management skills by supervising the interns and am looking forward to learning a lot more by working with Queen of Oil.”
Zain Tahir

“My internship experience at Queen of Oil, London has been highly interesting from the professional and the personal side. During the internship, I worked on various tasks which helped me to gain knowledge about every department in the business. My tutor, Simran Bedi was very helpful since the beginning of my internship, my bond with him was indeed very good. 

With reference to the activities carried out, I was involved in Online marketing, SEO, Business management, Strategizing and planning. Other than these I played a key role in the research and analytics of his newly established property business. The work environment was juvenile and stimulating. All the team members participated in daily meetings and sharing their work with others, so everyone gets a bit of knowledge in every department.  

This internship would be a great opportunity for those who either want to become an entrepreneur or who want to land a job in a growing company. I am thankful to Simran for this opportunity. It was worth the time.”

Bhavesh Jain - 2021

“The one-year placement with Queen of oil was very insightful and i definitely learned a lot. Would highly recommend it to anyone seeking knowledge in marketing and brand management. The main focus of my placement was on graphic design and brand management which allowed me to apply the theoretical knowledge i learned into practice.”

Rafael Zaki - 2021

“Being very passionate about beauty and skincare, Queen of oil was the perfect company for me to gain experience. My internship was tailored to my interests and needs, it wasn’t limited to one aspect of the business but I got insights to many parts of it.I got an idea of how businesses work, handling a business social media, editing company websites and so much more. Simran has been very helpful and was always there to guide me . He sent me to beauty events and exhibitions which made my experience even more interesting and helped me gain more knowledge in the industry. He also helped me in my job hunt at the end of my internship. I would definitely recommend Queen Of Oil to anyone looking for internships.”

ShahTaj Begum - 2021

“My time at with Queen Of Oil started from 11th June 2020 and ended on the 11th September 2020. During these few weeks as an intern with Queen Of Oil has been an eye opener and a opportunity to develop and grow as an individual with regards to both professional development and my personal development. I had the opportunity to carry out new task and learnt new things every day for these 12 weeks that I was working. I was allowed to work freeing even though I followed instructions and was giving a new task every week it felt like I was operating freely. I gained experience in social media handling which was a completely new field I was working on. I can now proudly say that I am the one of best social media handlers in town today.

 Working on China imports, Australia exportation, Hungary exportation and India exportation has also helped to gain a more in depth Knowledge in importation and exportation and how requirements varies from every country. Finally the personal development task I am assigned to weekly helps me to have a rethink of my goals and achievements, this helps me to redirect and reassess my future job prospects.

Working with Queen of Oil has been an eye opener even and challenging since it was a new experience for me but I will still choose this company again if given the same opportunity. I am very grateful for the opportunity to work, learn and be myself whist growing and been trained. Thank you QUEEN OF OIL.”

Andrews Asafo-Agyei - 2020

“I enjoyed my internship very much. It was interesting to learn about the different parts of the business. I learned about social media marketing, photo editing, management skills, Amazon and got a good understanding of how Queen of oil does business.

The internship was based around my needs and interests and gave me insights into my career moves.

I would recommend this internship to anyone interested in working in a small company, close with the owner. Tasks can change from day to day, which makes it fun. It’s a great company to work for.”

Linnea - 2020

“My internship at Queen of Oil has given me an opportunity to learn and develop skills through real life experiences, not taught in a classroom. Working in a small firm has given me an insight into different aspects of business and how it functions as a whole. My job role helped me acquire and enhance skills in Market Research, Direct sales, Trade Show Marketing and Booth Design, Online Marketing, SEO and Social Media Marketing. Additionally I was sent for a number of exhibitions and professional development talks which have and will help me in my professional life. My experience at Queen of Oil was enjoyable and enriching.”

Divya Philip - 2019