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100% Pure Rosehip Oil

100% Pure Rosehip Oil

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100% Pure Rosehip Oil is great to use on the face for acne scars. It also works as a homemade anti aging skin care treatment. It can be used directly on the skin for acne. Rosehip oil benefits for acne are its gentle and ideal nature for sensitive skin types.

Mostly people use Rosehip oil as homemade facial toner for aging skin. If you are using 100% Pure Rosehip Oil for acne scars, it is recommended to use on clean skin, to be applied at night time before going to bed.

It is enriched with Vitamin A, C and E and fatty acids that are greatly beneficial for your skin. It helps heal scars, stretch marks, and acne issues. Is Rosehip oil safe during pregnancy? Yes, it is suggested to use Rosehip oil for pregnant women, general acne issues or acne caused by birth control. Furthermore, It is tested and researched to be safe and effective as homemade anti aging skin care. Hence there are very little reported side effects of rosehip oil on the skin.